At Eschenbach Construction we have a love of construction. Since the early 80’s I have been involved in construction in its many forms. Licensed in 1988,  Michael Eschenbach owned and operated Eschenbach Construction Co. from 1988 to 2004, and again from 2013. We have built numerous new and remodel residential and commercial construction projects. I also owned a cabinet shop, which we used to provide cabinetry and trim out as well as doors and windows on many of the projects we built.

      I have 30+ years of construction experience, owning, supervising, estimating, scheduling and constructing.  With 24 years of design experience I have drawn many of the residential remodel and new construction projects we have built.  I have also created Excel® based estimating programs for both construction and solar estimating, which have allowed the companies I have worked with to save money, track scheduling and job expense progress.

       In the next few pages you will see examples of our construction residential designsmechanical designs and solar designsas well as letters of recommendation  showing a long history of understanding, care and clear communications between myself, my clients and employers. All of the structures that you see were either built by me or the companies I worked for.

Michael Eschenbach, 966 Spruce Ave., Sebastopol, CA., 95472, 707-303-0496