About Me

Michael Eschenbach

        Raised by parents who were Architects, I have spent my life immersed in construction and design. My parents instilled in me the beauty of a well designed and well built structure. I worked on family based remodeling projects from the time I was 14.  As a designer I have retained their joy in the creation of a beautiful structure.

         I have been a Marine Engineer,  Project Manager, Design/Build Contractor, Consultant, Residential Designer, Draftsman, PV System Designer, and Cabinetmaker. I owned a successful construction company for 20 years.  I am well rounded in many fields of design and construction and have spent my life increasing my knowledge of the industry. Because of this, I am able provide you with a premium quality product; precise, complete and detailed.

        As you will see by the letters of recommendation, bringing the clients ideas and dreams to life was consistently a pleasurable and rewarding experience for all.

Michael Eschenbach, 966 Spruce Ave., Sebastopol, CA., 95472, 707-303-0496